Dental Tourismin Serbia

In recent years the number of patients who travel to Serbia from the European countries for dental treatment has doubled. Serbia has long been a popular destination for dental tourism for people from Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden and even Canada and the USA. The reason for the increasing interest of foreign patients coming to Serbia is a professional service of Serbian dentists, beautiful tourist destinations such as spas and mountains, and all of this at significantly lower prices than in their home countries.

Cost Free Estimate

Send us e-mail with panoramic x-ray or CT scan (if you need information about dental implants) and tell us what dental work is required (dental implant treatment, cosmetic dentistry, general dental treatment) or send  us a local quotation,  if you already have visited your dentist.Based on the provided information and  panoramic x-ray will do a detailed analysis and plan of therapy. In our returning mail we will provide you with the all necessary information like:  dental treatment costs, treatment procedures, how many appointments are necessary, the time necessary for your stay and all other related information to arrange your stay in Belgrade

Dental Departures

Dental care is expensive. We know by personal experience that patients can receive quality dental care at a fraction of the cost by travelling overseas. To achieve this goal, Dental Departures will build the largest global dental marketplace: to bring customers together with high quality global dental providers.

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Global Clinic Rating

It is our great pleasure to announce that we are part of “TOP 10 Dental Clinics in Serbia”