About Us

From the very beginning, and so it is today, our desire is to give a new dimension to private dental practice.

In the first place, quality and professional services, as well as a personalized dental care. We are trying  to make you feel comfortable in our surroundings, to come with us without fear, and to leave us satisfied.

Dental practice dentalpetrovic is made in accordance with European standards and is equipped with modern and high-quality equipment in the field of dental practice exclusively made by German manufacturers.

The clinic works every working day, and due to the dynamics of life or emergency interventions, we are ready to meet our patients according to the agreement, both in the earlier or later hours, and on weekends, and on the basis of our trust.

The clinic has its own parking so you can easily plan your visit time.

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Our practice is at Zvezdara

Fočanska br. 4, Beograd (Zvezdara), Srbija


A specialist in dental prosthetics is an expert in a specific area of ​​dentistry.

Specialization in the domain of dental prosthetics implies additional 3 years of training after obtaining the diploma of completed basic studies. After this type of training, the specialist acquires the possibility of reconstruction of the lack of teeth and resorbated alveolar ridge, reconstructions of aesthetic character, congenital malformations, distortions of the jaw joint, prosthetic reconstructions of defects in the maxillofacial region.

There is no specialization in aesthetic dentistry in the world, but specialists in dental prosthetics, in relation to other specializations, have the most knowledge to apply the methods and techniques offered by aesthetic dentistry.

A prosthetics specialist is always a team leader in extensive reconstruction and cooperation with experts in other dentistry. The modern approach to implantology implies the installation of implant-driven prosthetics.

When improving or completely reconstructing a smile, ask for an expert who is just dealing with it and has the experience and knowledge to clearly explain the possibilities of the proposed therapy, but also to make aesthetic compensation also functional for many years.